Hire us for commercial audio installation services in Lawton, OK

Typically, companies sell you audio\video equipment, then send you on your way. We don't do business this way. For over 45 years, Audio Tech has worked harder to find the best solutions for our clients' corporate or church events. Whether your perfect solution requires us to engineer a new technology or it's something we've done a thousand times before, our undivided attention is on your success.

Since 1974, we have helped commercial businesses plan, design, and install services throughout Southwest Oklahoma and the nation. We have worked on conference rooms, high school stadiums, houses of worship, just to name a few. We are ready to discuss your project needs and deliver affordable commercial A/V design that will exceed your expectations.


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Our approach to audio-visual services includes professional consultation, a team of experienced technicians, and a dedicated project manager who ensures your satisfaction before, during, and after the event. For us, this means an exciting opportunity to do what we love.

For you, it means a stress-free corporate event from planning to execution.

Services for commercial customers

Ambiance music

Music is incredibly powerful at creating an environment for your business. Our ambiance music is a great addition to many types of business such as grocery stores, shopping malls, department stores, hotels, telephone systems, business offices, hospitals, and elevators.

Did you know that commercial properties should not play the radio for legal reasons? Who wants the mood interrupted by commercials or to worry that a station just isn't going to fit 100% of the time anyway?

If you need music, we've got you covered! This isn't just your typical "elevator music" either. We'll help you find just the right genre for your business. Ambiance music also consists of simple melodies making it possible to loop back to the beginning without distraction. The dynamic range is also normally reduced, so that customers will never complain about music volume in your business.

When it comes to retail, music has been found to have a psychological effect in some cases: slower, more relaxed music oftens encourages customers to stay longer.

Security/ Surveillance

The safety of you and your employees is paramount. You can ensure your protection at every possible point of entry. Security cameras deter potential thieves and provide invaluable information if an incident happens to occur on site. Take quick action, reducing damage from unfortunate incidents such as fire, water damage, or medical emergencies.

Record surveillance when you can't physically be present to ensure operations run smoothly. Check on deliveries and important shipments, customer traffic, and more.

Video conferencing

If your business requires regular video conferencing, you know how frustrating it can be to work within systems that are not a custom fit for your business. Let us meet with you to discuss all your specific needs, and design an audio-video setup to make conferences go seamlessly.

LED wall

LED video wall technology is very popular due to its ability to deliver seamless images. It is scalable to any shape or size. It helps video content stand out and look great from any angle.

Sound Masking

Maintaining privacy is vital to many businesses such as medical and law offices, counseling or therapy centers and court rooms. Protect yourself and never worry about a legal matter due to an overheard conversation with sound masking. Sound masking reduces speech intelligibility without having to be loud or obnoxious like white noise.